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Plastic Surgery Hurts?

Shortly after their wedding, the female frog gave birth to a baby frog. Seeing the baby frog bearing no resemblance to him and looking half like a toad, the furious male frog questioned: I can’t believe that you are already having affairs?!

The agonized female frog: dear love, I would never do that to you. I cannot lie to you anymore. I had a few surgeries done before we met - liposuction, chin augmentation, skin reconstruction, and cheek augmentation. I am actually a toad..

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Plastic Surgeon’s Breast Enlargement

Outrageous woman files a law suit against a plastic surgeon claiming after surgery, her breasts are uneven in height.

Speaking to the reporters, the plastic surgeon insisted that the surgery was successful and nothing was wrong.

The next day, the reporter published the interview with the surgeon along with his picture:

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Plastic Surgery Kills

Woman checked in a hospital for a heart attack. While on the verge of passing through, she met with God. She asked: is my time up? Replied God: don’t worry, you’ve got 30-40 years more to live!

Waking from the nightmare, knowing that she’s got many years ahead: why not enjoying the life? While at it, she went ahead and had all the plastic surgery routines done, including

rhinoplasty to reshape the nose,

chin augmentation to reshape the chin,

cheek augmentation to reshape the cheekbones,

blepharoplasty to reshape the upper or lower eyelid,

breast augmentation,

abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to make the abdomen firmer,

face lift to minimize the wrinkles by removal of excess facial skin,

liposuction to remove the fat from different parts of the body, etc.

As she leaves the hospital with excitement about her “new life,” she was immediately hit and killed by a rushing ambulance at the hospital front gate.

As she met with God the 2nd time, with agony, she asked: didn’t you tell me I’ve got 30-40 more years to live?

God: dang, I did not recognize you!

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Easiest Method for Breast Enlargement

Woman asks doctor: What’s the easiest breast enlargement method?

doctor: have you tried to wipe your breasts with bath tissue?

woman: how would that work?

doctor: it’s been working for your butt..

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